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Originally Posted by Lexura1414 View Post
I do not think so. Battle of Supercars M3 versus IS-F, the Lexus won the track segment against the DCT version of the M3. FYI, they tested the 2010 model which has a real LSD.
BTW, the 2011 IS-F just came out with a recalibrated suspension/sterring and 2 seconds faster than its predecessor ( Fuji testing probably).

The Mustang 5.0 lost to a manual M3 which is slower than the DCT. The Lexus hang and won against the DCT..
Ya...ummm...maybe referencing a "made for tv" race that didn't actually tell you jack about both cars might not have been best for your first post.

Tanner blocked Paul all the way around....that was more about driver's than the cars. The M3 would still be faster on an empty track, just as there is no way the F would lose in a straight line as badly as it did in real life.

The new F is marginally faster and it is good to see some track improvements. The M3, F and 5.0 are very different cars for people with different priorities.