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Originally Posted by jmunro View Post
Sit in two cars to decide which performs better? Hmm

I'm willing to bet the Mustang 5.0 would make the Lexus IS-F look silly on the track...
And I'm willing to bet it won't. I spent three days in a 5.0 and while it is a great bang for the buck, it isn't going to be swaying a bunch of buyers in the luxury sedan market.

It had considerable body roll and did not inspire the confidence that the F (or of course C63/M3) does when pushed hard in a corner. The interior, while a step up for the 'Stang, is nowhere near luxurious. Sure, the stitching on the seats looks cool, but they have zero bolstering and support.

Great car for $30K less than the luxury sedans but not a car I would ever buy.