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Originally Posted by kouhii View Post
hi KJM3,

Calm down man. I am stating the main bearing issue as I see it. I don't need to know about your credentials or your history. I now kind of see where BMW drivers get their reputations from no offense. I am here to state what I see not here to get into this bullshit debate of whether it's normal or not.

As far as I know all technologies are evolving very rapidly so the engines of today might have the basics of the past but with a twist of technological advancement that can cause many unforeseen problems.

I did not know when the ticking for my car occurred but I remembered clearly it did not happen when I first bought the car. So when the clicking noise started to happen and was worse in 90F+ weather I could not stand it no more. At one point all I could hear were ticking noise not the sweet sounding V8 at idle and that was when I decided it must be fixed!
I'm very calm, but I'm also old and grumpy, just stay off my lawn and everything is cool

This is my first BMW in a while so I am not a 'typical BMW driver,' just trying something different. But I do have quite a bit of experience with cars overall, water cooled V8 engines are basically all the same when it comes to bottom ends, there are new processes out there but plain bearings are plain bearings and oil pressure (and oil film) is oil pressure. Unfortunately these cars are the proverbial 10lbs of sh** in a 5lb bag under the hood and its not easy to pinpoint noises like a 62 chevy thats for sure.

I'm not going to overreact to a small clicking noise as a main bearing issue. The only car that sounds bad to me was the OP's car, but that doesnt sound like a main bearing problem, unless they are bad enough where the oil pressure is low. But in BMW's wisdom there is no easy way to tell what the oil pressure is, or water temp either, which is a bit odd to me for a performance car.

I'm not saying it isnt a main bearing issue either, its hard to tell with youtube videos whats going on and some of the noises may be completely unrelated and people tend to panic when they hear something and focus on it. Just like the GM LS1 engine piston slap that everyone made a big deal about and those same engines have over 100K on them and run fine, or the 'hemi tick' that my 2010 Dodge pickup has, that thing sounds like its going to explode sometimes but its still hanging in there.

Its a mechanical object and it can be fixed, with vanos, timing chains, 4 valves per cylinder etc there is a lot of things that can make noise. The bad part is 99% of the people who own these arent going to be tearing the engine apart to find out what it is so you have to rely on what a dealer says, and usually there isnt very good communication between the tech, SA and customer so who knows. Mine isnt that loud, I have to listen for ir, even though the video seems pretty loud. Time will tell if it gets louder and if it does I'll start complaining right here