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Originally Posted by KJM3 View Post
When I bought the car it was 90 degrees every day for a week and I never heard a noise. Its a lot of things here, but cool in the summer/fall it isnt It was 80 degrees today..

I just took it for a ride, did a couple 0-100 blasts, took it above 5500rpm for the first time, to 6500rpm at maybe 3/4 throttle. Drove it on some winding roads for about 20 miles, backed it in the garage and let it idle for 10 minutes. Except for some slight valvetrain noise which I expect not a click or tap AC on or off.

Like I said, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I have been around racing for over 30 years from Formula Atlantic cars to Blown Alcohol funny cars and have thrown my share of connecting rods out the side of 1000+ horsepower engines. I have done my own engine machine work and built complete 8-9 second streetable drag cars in my little garage along with restoring a bunch of classic imports. I dont see an issue with it right now, and if there is I'm not worried about it where I'm going to sit there and TRY to make it make noise. No doubt if my car sounded like the OPs I would e a little more concerned, especially if it changed with RPM.

I'm certainly not going to let BMW tear apart a brand new 70K car guessing what it is and I'm certainly not going to try to fix it myself, this is a daily driver and not a 'hobby' car, I have several of those already. If it blows up at 40,000 miles then they can put a new engine in it under warranty, if it turns out its a real issue on these and they come up with a legit fix then I'll let them give it a try. In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy the car and have some fun with it..
hi KJM3,

Calm down man. I am stating the main bearing issue as I see it. I don't need to know about your credentials or your history. I now kind of see where BMW drivers get their reputations from no offense. I am here to state what I see not here to get into this bullshit debate of whether it's normal or not.

As far as I know all technologies are evolving very rapidly so the engines of today might have the basics of the past but with a twist of technological advancement that can cause many unforeseen problems.

I did not know when the ticking for my car occurred but I remembered clearly it did not happen when I first bought the car. So when the clicking noise started to happen and was worse in 90F+ weather I could not stand it no more. At one point all I could hear were ticking noise not the sweet sounding V8 at idle and that was when I decided it must be fixed!