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Lame example. No one ever dialed a phone for "entertainment and dialing pleasure" while cars are driven in huge numbers for "entertainment and driving pleasure". So no one could not have cared less about rotary dial phones.

Apples to oranges comparison. Makes no sense. A more applicable counter-example is how Wii destroyed PS3 in the video games market despite its inferior video and processor design. Why?? Simple answer is physical involvement. Wii went back to the basics as far as 70s and 80s for inspiration. It requires all four limbs to be used while PS3 required two thumbs to be used.

So where to draw the line? Where does technological evolution for the sake of automation stop?? What about steering?? Tommorow BMW announces the next technological evolution of M cars having complete database of all tracks around the world. You simply go to a track and run the fastest laps imaginable while internal algorithms using sensors on every side of the car figure out how to take the best line, best braking, steering angle, best cornering speed to get the fastest lap time and make the turns. Would you support it too??

That would be boring as hell where the missing element is the physical effort, but hey it is another technological evolution. More technology and more automation always is a good thing. Right??

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exactly my point

technological evolution

it's inevitable. you move with it or you don't

there are some people that still don't have cell phones but that number is diminishing very quickly. very few lament the loss of the rotary dial because it was fun to row through the numbers to have a connection with the phone.
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