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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Just found out - M3 sedan will be gone by next November because the F30 is launched in November/December. M3 Coupe and Cabrio will be gone about mid 2012. Coupe and Cabrio replacements for the 3er will be launched in Spring and autumn 2013. M3 Replacement for Coupe will be in 2014.
Thank you for clarifying that SCOTT. This is much closer to what many of us had suggested would happen. Specifically, we got the part about the E90 M3 exiting as the E90/E91 platform is retired, though not exact to-the-month timing as you've presented. We also assumed that the F32/F33 would arrive in 2013, though I personally had it a bit later in the year (nothing until the fall), but then you are probably talking about SOP dates vs. on sale dates for that.

What still doesn't makes sense, at least to me, is that the E92/E93 M3 would bow out a full year before the E92/E93 3 series apparently will. Why would they do that? As I recall it both the E46 M3 and 3 series were on sale well into 2006 up until the E92 3 series came on the scene in late 2006.
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