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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
Scott made mention of a possible 4 cylinder configuration for the future 1M, but doesn't confirm it any point. He was careful to parse his words. See below.
Sure, but everything we say here is speculation at this point. I am no less convinced that the F2x 1M will have a 4 cyl motor than I am of any other of SCOTT's carefully worded predilections. Which is to say, I believe it will come to pass. Lets face it, hes usually (though certainly not always) correct.

To me that first paragraph of his you cite has "read between the lines" all over it.

South... where did you get this information from? I remember Scott quite explicitly mentioning less than one month ago that production on the e92 M would end in 2012. See below.
Speaking of careful wording. He does "by" in there right? Meaning it could occur before then. So you see, nothing is truly explicit when it comes down to it right? Yet, you believe (as I do) that the M3 will actually live on to 2012, and not go away in 2011.
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