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Since I am not a huge fan and I don't follow what all the NCAA teams are doing, I may not have the savvy of you all. I do know that Boise State Broncos have pulled off some amazing things over these last several years.

Who could have realistically expected that the Broncos would beat the Sooners at the Fiesta Bowl? They did it in a truly memorable game.

Who would have thought the Broncos would play, and then win another Fiesta Bowl? Yet they did.

The last two times the Broncos played the number 2 ranked school (Ducks), they beat them.

On any given game day, anything can happen. Boise State has had an incredible winning streak lasting for years.

Until they are knocked off, how can their success be simply attributed to an easy schedule?

If they keep winning, they should appear in another BCS bowl game this year. That makes a nice pedigree lasting a few years. If they go undefeated this year, they are at the very least doing what they must do. It's unfortunate that their ultimate measure of success must rely upon ALL others having a less than perfect record.

As for a third match between BSU and TCU for the championship, I would rather see BSU in a different BCS bowl playing a BCS team. Playing TCU again would just give fuel to the haters that say they are not winning against the authentic best teams.

I don't expect BSU to pull it off, but they have surprised me time and again.

Boise State Broncos!
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