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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
M is about character and each car has to have a unique character and that includes engines. Dogmas might be thrown out the window , but an M will always be an M not a superfast BMW 135i, 335i or 550i.
Scott, respectfully, I disagree.

It really can't be denied that M is moving away from their roots. SUV's, minor suspension modifications, and now they're not even creating their own engines; just modifying existing blocks.

Previously an M3 with the V8, an M5 with the V10, were unique M's. But honestly, other than the engine the current E90 M3 is an easy suspension conversion kit away from a 335. The F30 looks to make it even less unique; just a stroker kit on the N55?!?

Just look at the recent Autobild review. Anyone notice the Alpina (read: Tuned 335), is the fastest to 50, and still 3rd fastest at 200kph. It beats everything except the 490Hp Merc in ALL the roll-ons.

It's the lightest car in the test, 8 tenths (0.8%) off on the lap times, oh, AND gets the best economy, AND costs up to 20% less than the competition.

To me, it looks like the 335 embodies more of what the original M stood for.
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