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Originally Posted by GhostRideTheWhip View Post
Scott has already confirmed that the next gen 1M will have a 4 cylinder and the current generation may have a form of the N55.
Scott made mention of a possible 4 cylinder configuration for the future 1M, but doesn't confirm it any point. He was careful to parse his words. See below.

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post

With the move to a four cylinder for the F22 1M Coupe. The Future 1M and
M3 can be seperated a lot more individually between four and six cylinders which is what the intention is.
As of now some say power output is too close not to want one but the other.
There are other elements , however which is a different story.
Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post

Current six cylinder engines are being replaced with similar output , but increased efficiency and less weight and to do this will see a line of new turbo-charged four cylinder engines. In Europe BMW have always offered four cylinders and this is progression to accomodate future challenges and legislation. I would say it will difficult but some have to comply with that there will be a BMW in the US Market with four cylinders replacing six cylinders.

Since it is early days the strategy for 1M (F22) is only on paper and they have compiled a "shopping list" of what they want to do for the car that is nigh impossible to do on this outgoing car.
Originally Posted by southlight View Post

We're talking about a car that's four years away (at least), so they haven't finally decided on its engine yet. The crucial question will be whether the F22 135i will be a six or a four. I completely agree with you that BMW won't offer a four banger M alongside an N55 powered 135i.

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