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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
... I checked each tire individually and all are currently above 30 PSI - the rears were around 33PSI the fronts closer to 31-32PSI - does anyone know what PSI the car triggers the low pressure warning?

I presume it may be anything below 32 might trigger but wasn't sure. was running out the door (late of course) to work this morning when I noticed this and didn't have time to get to a gas station to fill with air yet... any guidance is appreciated!
Put a litte bit of air in and reset the TPMS. I had to do that for the M6 but can't comment on the M3..yet.

The rear tire for the M6 should have been at 36 psi and was around 35psi. I put in a bit and reset the TPMS and the warning went away.
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