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Originally Posted by dvpouldar26 View Post
A money shift is when instead of doing a 3-4 shift when driving and shifting aggressively, you do a 3-2 shift. Under WOT, youll redline, go into limp, burn a whole lot of oil, and probably bend some valves etc. It is called a money shift because it is not warrantied by the dealer and will cost a whole lot of money.

If you're careful. practice shifting and know what youre doing before going out and driving that aggressively, you'll be fine. The few that I know that beat on their cars like know other and have 6mt never had a problem, because of experience. Just be careful and diligent in what youre doing.
haven't heard of going 3 to 4 and getting 2 accidently but i guess it can happen. most common is downshifting from 5th into 4th and accidently grabbing 2nd because driver forces it. i had a student on buttonwillow do this by accident. luckily i popped the shifter into neutral before he fully let out the clutch pedal and we didn't fly off the track.

go for 6MT. its a dying art form and I think learning how to shift a manual transmission car smoothly and efficiently also teaches you to be more smooth with the other pedals in the car and steering input.

and to avoid money shift, just remember whenever going to 3rd or 4th, let the shifter go to its neutral position first then just push straight up or down. all movements should be light. nothing forced.
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