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Question E92 M3 Brakes

I haven't seen this issue discussed much anywhere, so I thought i'd start a new thread regarding the new M3's brakes. From the pics that i've seen it looks like BMW have again stuck with Single Piston floating calliper brakes, as with the previous generation M3.

If I recall correctly, the ultimate stopping power of the brakes is not in question, as the M3 CSL had one of the quickest 60-0 times i've seen, being around 2.3secs (quicker than a GT3). However, once on track, they quickly begin to fade compared with a multi piston calliper setup. (Brakes was one of the main upgrades for people thinking of tracking their CSL)

Multi--piston Monobloc Calipers are both lighter and stiffer, and give a more even pressure on the pads ... and they happen to look a hell of a lot better. I think it is in this area that BMW are getting left behind by Porsche and Audi (and possibly MB). These 3 also offer Carbon-ceramic discs as an option (albeit very expensive).

You don't see racing cars with single piston callipers now do you?! I'd like to see BMW putting more effort into this area, as I can just see the first review in EVO or whoever, with the massive praise for the dynamics and speed, but the same old comment about wilting brakes.

Just my 2 pence worth.