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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
So a new intermittent problem has popped up on my '08 M.

Sometimes the steering feels very unpredictable. The resistance on the steering wheel and the effect it has on steering the car seems to change randomly. As far as I know the steering is controlled by the computer and is supposed to be speed related correct? It seems like there is some sort of computer glitch now and I can be just cruising along and all of a sudden the steering is very soft and the wheels turn a lot, or sometimes I can be accelerating from slow speed and the wheel is very hard to turn. Anyone ever hear of this or have a similar issue?

btw it's going in to the dealer on Thursday. But I like to have a little backup info from other people. Last time I brought my car there complaining about a noise from the rear, they worked on the front of the car (needless to say the problem was really in the rear ) I hate bringing my car to the damn dealer.

I think I may have the same issue as you but with some vibrations. I started a thread in here too but havent figured it out.

Its getting checked on Tuesday but everytime the steering wheel is turned off center I get a vibration through the steering wheel, pedals, and seat...basically the whole car. The vibrations are intermittent and wierd. The vibes feel very similiar to a cell phone. short fast pulses.

Im dreading the dealer too as they tried to tell me my exhaust made my headlights not level last visit