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Originally Posted by Cookiemonster View Post
Garmin 110....looks like a can get it with a heart rate monitor.

Around 250.

I run 30 miles a week and cycle 100 miles a week(when warm out.)

Calories count works and is accurate.

Calories in....Calories out. Its a simple formula and the one most true and telling for weight loss.

Knowing your calories(burned and intake) and owning a scale are the two most important factors in weight control.
thanks. i actually tried out a couple of these hrms but they're too pricey for me. i tried out the nike+ sportband (it's only $60) and it seems like it is comparable to the garmin, any opinion on that?
Originally Posted by Double Nick View Post
Having run over 71,000 miles over the past 34 yrs and having used many (too many hr monitors and GPS watches) I think the Garmin FR 110 will fit the bill for you. As far as calorie expenditure the watch goes a little further than most other models. It factors age/height/weight and activity level. (There is a chart that shows your activity level based on the number of hours you exercise a week). Having averaged between 40-50 miles of running per week for over 3 decades, weight gain has not been an issue. 5'10' 145-150 lbs, age 67. My motto: Exercise for fitness:EAT foor diet. Nick
wow, that's really impressive! but the garmin is out of my price range, i'm trying to keep it under $100 maybe if i get really serious about running i'll invest in a watch hrm like the garmin or something comparable to it.
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And BMWM3 ..I will be filing a harrasment suit against you and/or charges. See you in court very very soon. Thanks.. Have fun with your nonsense.