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I didn't take any photos of the rear seat back partially disassembled, but for those wondering, these are the threads I found most useful:

Real quickly,
1. Remove the rear seat cushion bench by pulling the front edge upward to free it from 2 large metal clips.
2. Unclip the plastic covers for the 3 parcel shelf child-restraint latches by pushing in the two rear tabs from each. Remove the single bolt (Torx40) to free each assembly. Release the U-shaped metal retaining tabs from the rear deck.
3. Remove 2 bolts (Torx50) at the base of the empty seat near the center.
4. Remove 3 bolts (Torx50) for each of the 3-point safety belts. Note the secondary alignment screw for reassembly later. Also remove the plastic trim piece at the origin of each belt. Just push the outer corners together since the pieces are C-shaped.
5. From inside the trunk looking up, free 2 latches with a screwdriver oriented upwards utilizing the extreme tip of the 'L'-shaped metal prong as a fulcrum. Lever the abutting shiny steel piece (with the circle cutout) outwards with just the screwdriver tip by pushing against a small notch until you hear the click of the latch releasing the D-ring on the upper seat back. The seat back should now be able to tip forward. The dark 'L'-shaped metal piece NEVER moves. Don't fiddle with any distant white plastic pieces either. But not to worry, if dislodged (which I did to both sides while fumbling around), they can be repositioned back in place via the front of the latch since they will only fit correctly one way.
6. Pull out the 5 plastic retaining plugs along the front edge of the rear deck.
7. Remove the 'AIRBAG' plastic cover plates with a small screwdriver. Remove the screw (Torx20) underneath.
8. Pull the C-pillar trim directly towards the front of the car ~0.5 inch to release 2 metal clips along the rear window edge from their respective slots. The C-pillar can then come right out.
9. The rear parcel shelf should be free to come out with some coaxing. Just push the safety belt clips through their holes since they'll fit through. The 3 U-shaped metal retaining tabs for the upper child-restraint latches were unbolted earlier and may come undone. Just note their location and orientation for reassembly later.

Without question, the trickiest part was disengaging the 'hidden' latches located in the trunk that bind to the tops of the seat backs where the D-rings are situated (Step 5). I spent over an hour trying to figure this mechanism out. During the process I knocked both white plastic pieces out of alignment and mangled the foam. However, as mentioned earlier, the plastic pieces can be put back in A-OK. The key is the fact that the shiny metal part SLIDES outward with respect to the dark metal part...
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