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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
True but OSU, Iowa, and MSU are alive and well, and PSU will be back as soon as they put someone halfway decent at QB. Also, Wisconsin is pretty beast this year. I don't know how old you are, but MSU used to be a constant part of the BigTen contender equation, before they started hiring losers on their staff. Sound familiar? Michigan's got a long road to recovery now. And I'm tired of hearing "the cupboard was left bare by Lloyd". REALLY??? How about Mallett? Boren? The multitude of guys who left early because they didn't want to lose anymore? The cupboard was bare MY ASS. Dick Rod and his gimmicky scheme drove all the best players away. Three years in, and he's STILL making those excuses.... Exactly how long did he expect people to give him before they started questioning that bullshit excuse?
1. PSU's biggest problem isn't their quarterback. He's doing ok for a true freshman that didn't enroll early and is legitimately afraid for his life. PSU's biggest problem, hands down, is its coaching staff. There are a variety of personnel issues this season as well, but most all of it circles back to the staff.

2. Anyone who says Carr didn't leave any talent in Ann Arbor is a fool. Rich Rod drove off a core group of talent and to replace it decided that recruiting 15 slot receivers per class was a good idea. Michigan has no real depth across either line and can hardly field 11 guys on defense. He's a total clown with more ego than brains because everyone but him knew his WVU gimmicks weren't going to work in the Big 10.
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