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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
As an OSU fan, I'm tired of rooting against Michigan now. It was fun for the first 2 years of Rich Rod, but I guess the administration will give him for than 2 years... Big Ten football is at it's best with Ohio State, Penn St, and Michigan as top dogs.
True but OSU, Iowa, and MSU are alive and well, and PSU will be back as soon as they put someone halfway decent at QB. Also, Wisconsin is pretty beast this year. I don't know how old you are, but MSU used to be a constant part of the BigTen contender equation, before they started hiring losers on their staff. Sound familiar? Michigan's got a long road to recovery now. And I'm tired of hearing "the cupboard was left bare by Lloyd". REALLY??? How about Mallett? Boren? The multitude of guys who left early because they didn't want to lose anymore? The cupboard was bare MY ASS. Dick Rod and his gimmicky scheme drove all the best players away. Three years in, and he's STILL making those excuses.... Exactly how long did he expect people to give him before they started questioning that bullshit excuse?

Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
Denard Robinson, is NOT a good quarterback. He's a great running back, but if Mich has to pass, you're screwed. I'm going to say D-Rob will not be the starting quarterback by the time the OSU games comes up, either b/c:
1. He's hurt
2. He needs to share time and carries/passes with Forcier.

He CANNOT carry 28 times a game against the likes of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio St, he's going to get broken.
Damn straight. Robinson will go down against BigTen defenses. He's already shown he's pretty fragile. And you're halfway right about him not being a quarterback. He's not a FBS first-tier conference quarterback. Maybe that shit flies in the Big East (no offense to them), FCS, or high school, but not in the BigTen. Add to that the fact that BigTen coaches WILL eat you alive if you don't adjust or anticipate adjustments.... As evidenced by every second half collapsing act DRod has spearheaded since he took charge.

Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
Hopefully Mich will do the right thing and bring in Harbaugh or Miles in and fix their shit! The whole country is laughing them.
Yeah it's ok to have a down year or two. Even transitional period where you're showing progress is ok. But to be 5-0 and still be laughed at about how your pass defense is 120th out of 120 FBS teams? Really? That's a fucking embarrassment. Absolutely unacceptable. Anyone who didn't anticipate an ass whooping at the hands of MSU was either living in a bubble or somehow still in denial. We're in the exact same boat we were in last year. Four wins against four weak non-conference opponents and a just-barely (and quite embarrassing) win against Indiana.

I hate to be armchair quarterback, or armchair coach, but I guarantee you I couldn't do worse as a defensive coordinator than Greg Robinson. I'd do it for half his paycheck too. Hell, I'd do it for a one-year FREE trial period.

Michigan has become the butt of so many jokes that it's just worn out to even joke about it anymore. Michigan sucking is already yesterday's news. What an embarrassment. And you know what else sucks? UofM alumni are so damned complacent and subdued that it's been allowed to go on this long. You think this shit would fly at OSU? Hell no. Columbus would be burned to the ground if this shit was going on down there.