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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
The BSU-Nevada game should be a good one.

I'm a Michigan fan. Which means I don't have the right to smack talk anyone. In fact, I've gone into Millen-era "Lions-mode" already, refusing to attend games or patronize my alma mater in any way until they get rid of the losers on that staff. Denard Robinson MIGHT win one more game for them if he doesn't get absolutely broken by the Big 10 defenses, but I'm hoping they lose out so we can get rid of those coaches. As much as I hated losing to State, it was nice to see that there's a chance we could find someone like Dantonio to revive the program and restore it to the way it should be. The way MSU dominated the lines and shut down a formidable weapon in Denard Robinson.... That's what Michigan football used to be about. The shoe is on the other foot now.

That being said, it pisses me off that OSU and MSU won't be playing this year. That would be one helluva game.

It's a sad day in Michigan when we look forward to watching the Lions moreso than the Wolverines.
Next year, there no longer will be Big Ten teams not playing each other. There were a lot of questionable Rose Bowl representatives in the 90's b/c of this, IE Wisconsin and Northwestern.

As an OSU fan, I'm tired of rooting against Michigan now. It was fun for the first 2 years of Rich Rod, but I guess the administration will give him for than 2 years... Big Ten football is at it's best with Ohio State, Penn St, and Michigan as top dogs.

Denard Robinson, is NOT a good quarterback. He's a great running back, but if Mich has to pass, you're screwed. I'm going to say D-Rob will not be the starting quarterback by the time the OSU games comes up, either b/c:
1. He's hurt
2. He needs to share time and carries/passes with Forcier.

He CANNOT carry 28 times a game against the likes of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio St, he's going to get broken.

Hopefully Mich will do the right thing and bring in Harbaugh or Miles in and fix their shit! The whole country is laughing them.