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Originally Posted by IFX View Post
I honestly don't get why people dislike the m6 so much.. yea it's heavy.. that's about it.. that's a heavy girl I'd ride EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.
Its really not that heavy, keep in mind I am coming from an E93 which weighs more then this M6 coupe. M3 coupe is 1680kg and M6 coupe is 1770kg. Im not worried about 100kg, especially when I have 100 more hp. I drive on the street more then on a track, and on the street its superior IMO. And it is not like it is completely crap when it comes to corners either, its still a BMW, and an ///M car at that. It will out handle 90% of the cars you will encounter on a day to day basis. The luxuries and the fact that it is fast to the point where I will be pushed back in my seat is more important to me then how it handles on a track where I might spend 2-3 days of the year at. The M3 wasn't anywhere near as fast, not in the city or highway.

Originally Posted by sehrgut View Post
How can you not have mad luv for M6s when you see stuff like this? LEGIT M6 man, props on the clean modds!!

Oh may i ask what kind of headlights you got? Are they 8000k? And what brand? They look superclassy!
Thanks man. The headlights are 8000k. Bought them from
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