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PS3 will be the eventual winner in 2yrs. But because the dev cycles are now so far off, the PS3 will just be hitting stride as microsoft announces the 360 replacement.

I don't typically like the playstation ... got rid of my ps2 after I got bored with GT4 ... but if you break it down the Xbox really only has one, or two at the most, good games a year. Right now it's Gears. Soon (for us car guys) it'll be Monza. Later this year Halo3. That's not a lot of real playable hours.

I guess the same could be said for PS3 though right? They don't really have any blockbuster games yet do they?

Should've kept that xbox and gotten a mod chip for it. Then you could've used it as a XBMC box. Been watching 720p xvids for a long time now.