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Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
....Except that they're not ACTUALLY letting us "custom build it" the "way we want" right? I mean, where's Individual Program in all of this?

....So really, even when having the car "custom built" we're "sacrificing what we really want" such as color and other options, exactly as BMW claims that we're doing off the dealer lot. So what's the difference in the end? Custom building it or buying it off the lot, we still make sacrifices and don't get what we really want (in America where the individual program isn't available to us).

'Course, this is just my $0.02, feel free to disagree.
What we do get is a LOT better than nearly all other brands.
Packages are good for a reduction in overall component costs.
You can get nearly all the parts from the premium package individually, but in the end, if you get most of the individual parts of the package, you're better off getting the whole package as it will cost about the same, and you'll get a couple of extra items thrown in.

It would be great to get more options given to us, like the whole pallet of exterior colors and interiors. Maybe with the new system BMW will be able to keep costs down and still allow greater customization.

Still, what we can get now is a heck of a lot better than what Ford, GM, or Honda, etc.. can offer.

I don't feel like I compromised at all with my custom order, especially since I was able to get a manual trans, cause of the 5 BMW dealerships I went to NONE of them even had a manual to test drive, let alone packaged with the options I wanted.
To me, there is a big difference between getting what's on the lot and what I ordered.