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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
I still like to find the closest car I like on the lot, warm it up, take it to a very long test drive, try all road conditioins including redlining it several times to make sure it is as solid as a piece of rock, before taking it home.

If it is not what I expected, I will find a different package, go through the same process until I feel that I can live with it for the next several years. This cannot be done if I am test driving a demo, I have driven many demos, they are never the same as a brand new car on the lot. Bad idea to use demos to get customers to like the car.
agreed. if you are going to ask someone to pay for features, you should be able to test drive it before you buy.

its also hard for people to buy stripper cars because they ride so differently than fully loaded cars, making it really hard to buy a car without being able to test drive it.