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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
From Scott, talking about the CSL family on that thread.

"The M6 CSL Concept car will also showcase the introduction of the ZSG Gearbox."

So what does this mean for the availability of ZSG on the M3? Perhaps there is still a chance to see it on the M3, maybe in Frankfurt, maybe in model year 2008, maybe 2009, maybe never. Hopefully if there are not plans to produce it with ZSG we will at least get SMG from the start. I certainly wont buy without SMG or DSG.


BTW - Im sure it is BMW policy not to reveal any information ahead of official info. that might cause someone to delay a purchase.... oh well, time will tell

From another BMW source, the M6 CSL will be introduced at the Frankfurt show in September with the ZSG.

I don't think this means anything for the M3 other than BMW wants to launch their newest tranny on the M6 CSL flagship.

Also, with the M6 rumored to get just 50 hp more, weigh 80kg less, no AC, race seats, no rear seats, no central storage, leather etc... BMW will need something like the ZSG / DCT to justify the price (rumored to be the same as the M6 cab).

Also the M6 CSL will have a 7 speed tranny and the M3 a 6 speed. I am curious to see if BMW has made custom transmissions or if they have glommed on a control unit to a manual but based on Scott26's feedback below about the BMW board being angry, I am betting the BMW engineers did the right thing and built a sequential transmission from the ground up.
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