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Yeah, I'm wondering if the improvement felt Stage III vs. ZCP is due to the entire Stage III package or the negative camber the Stage III kit dials in (comes with camber plates plus the drop, probably gives about -2.0 up front I'd guess). Less body roll aside (bars), the increased negative camber would certainly make a difference. In any case, that's a pretty hearty endorsement for the Stage III kit vs. stock ZCP!

On non-ZCP cars, w/o lowering or camber plates IIRC front camber maxes out at a bit over -1.0. What's the ZCP stock alignment like? I'm betting it's no where near as aggressive as the Stage III kit offers.

Klammer, I'm not discounting your impressions at all. I'm just wondering if the camber is giving you better turn-in and a bit more confidence given your driving style. An additional degree of camber makes a big difference, especially on the track or in canyon carving.

From the reviews I've seen the Dinan Stage II and III, I don't think you can go wrong that direction IMO. Lots of happy folks with these set ups, and it's a much cheaper option than an '11 with ZCP.

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