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F/S: 18" Winter Wheel Setup, $900

It's getting to be that time of year again. Get prepared now by getting some winter tires!!!

I had to get these when I was over in Germany for my E93 M3 - was stationed there and the law says you need to have winter tires during the winter (in case of an accident, you are liable for you car damages no matter what caused it, even if it was parked). These were barely used there and then used for a very short time stateside that first winter of 08-09. Since then they have been sitting in my mother's basement.

Full set of Ronal R38 wheels in 8x18 ET 35 (from Ronal Germany, not the defunct Ronal USA).

They come covered in Vredestein Wintrac Xtremes in 235/40 R18 95W M+S.

Also includes TPMS (not sure how this works with different cars I used this with my current generation M3 maybe a wheel guy can chime in).

I apologize at the dirtiness of the wheels, I haven't been home much. However, I can clean them before sale if you like I figured though many of you have your own products you might want to use (and was hoping that would rationalize selling dirty wheels!)

Two of the wheels are in near-mint condition. The other two have a spot of curb rash each and one of these two also has some little scars on it.

The tires have only about 3500 miles on them TOTAL and are in great condition. They are ok for the E9x but are perfect if you know anyone with an AWD setup.

Rash on one wheel:

Rash on the other wheel:

Hard to see "scarring" in the next two photos (sorry, Kodak should stick to film):

The next two wheels are the ones in great condition:


Since these are unfamiliar brands I can tell you the tires retail for over $1000 and the wheels for over $1200, and thats not counting the TPMS. I got friend pricing from another soldier of $1800 for them with 1000 miles on them in the exact same condition. I am pricing these to sell at $900. I would greatly prefer a local buyer, as I don't know how in the hell I would ship these nor how much it costs. Of course if I have to ship them we will work something out.

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