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Exclamation Most proporsterous marketing I have ever 'heard'

Ok, I requested some BMW brochures and in the mail, I got an audio cd titled; 'The new BMW Z4. The Art of Driving. Music by Empire Of The Sun'. At first I thought it would be a DVD of the Z4 but I was shockingly wrong.

I had it on my desk for a week or so and put it into my computer a few minutes ago. I nearly cracked up laughing. Its an 'electro-pop' genre music with a woman and a man's voice-over about driving. The chorus is by Luke Steele from empire of the sun.

It sounded like it was put together in a rush too...

Here is what Luke Steele said about the track;

To me it was more like 'hey Luke, I'm from BMW marketing. I got a bag full of money if you do our Z4 promotional track'.

To use words from today's youth 'how lame'.