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Originally Posted by jurrian @ eas View Post
We were able to fit 255 fronts and 295 rears on Yokohama AD08's which were just fine without spacers... In fact, that same car, we even put spacers on to make it a bit more flush.
Jurrian, while I definitely appreciate you providing feedback for everyone, it is important to mention that that specific tire setup DOES NOT work if you plan to run spacers.

Your customer rubbed with 5mm spacers in the rear and complained of rubbing in the front with a 10mm spacer. Here is his post from another thread:

Originally Posted by buddster View Post
I tried to put spacers in the rear, but there wasn't enough room. The 295 AD-08's are really wide. Even 5mm were wide enough to make it rub. I just noticed I'm getting a slight rub in the front with 10mm spacers and 255/35/19's. The tires are pretty square.
If you plan to properly space out the zcp wheels (or space them out even slightly), then you can't go ad08. They simply run too wide.

I ran 255/35/19 & 285/30/19 PS2s with 12/5 spacer with 0 problems. There was plenty of room and I am positive I would have been able to put at least a 10 out back with no problem.

Now I am running 255/275 set up, again with same spacer combo and no rubbing whatsoever. However, I am a bit worried to put a 10mm out back due to the taller tire. I will do it next weekend and update everyone on whether it rubs or not. The spacers are here, just no time to put them on
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