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Originally Posted by Heinzftw View Post
So long story short semi hammered jumped a flight of stairs thought my ankle was for sure broken. Trip to the ER, severe sprain. It is now 3-4 weeks later and I now have an ankle brace for when I workout. But, I start up morning PT this friday again and am very worried. (Army Rotc @ school)
Haven't ran at all for obvious reasons just been doing upper body and arms lately. Anyone have any recommendations?
How old are you?

Back in my "youth" as a 30 yr old I had a grade 2-3 sprain of my ankle. First time I ever heard the dreaded "popping" sound that can be heard/felt when a tendon completely ruptures. I've always been active, still am, so I've had my share of injuries but that was the most painful, longest recovery I ever experienced. Someone rolled into my lower leg while playing flag football.

Injury happened in early September and I was not able to play the rest of the year. The ankle was weak for about 6 months and painful for an entire year after. 15 yrs later and it still occassionally hurts and is noticeably less flexible than the uninjured one.

Sorry for the bad news. Maybe you'll heal faster than I did.

Now for the good news:

I was able to squat and deadlift about 1 month after the injury. Yeah it hurt like hell but the Doc told me I couldn't further injure it since the two tendons were already torn. Just try your best to control the swelling to help limit possible calcification. Bottom line is that you are unlikely to injure it more considering that it sounds like you already tore 1 or 2 of the three major tendons.

You can probably return to full body workouts (except for any calf work) but your mobility will probably be severely compromised for several more months yet.