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So yesterday I change my oil myself. Pretty straight foreward like any other oil change. O-rings, new filter, drained both sumps, etc.

Let it drain for about 20 minutes, filled it up with 7lt of oil. A buddy there at the shop used to work at a BMW dealer not long ago so got some BMW specific pointers from him.

Let it run till it warmed up again for a reading. Showed 1qt low at the lowest point on the iDrive. Added one more qt.

Today I drive it and once it warmed up, showed still at the low mark, add 1qt it says.

I add 1qt and after it warmed up, displayed "max" with the level at the top off the scale. iDrive shows "oil level too high" No warning lights except the "max" next to the oil level.

I'm sure it'll be ok, but damn thing said to add 1qt. Next time I guess it'll be best to add 1/2 qt at a time. Can't trust the damn thing.

Any chance of seal damage?