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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Really? How many miles on the clock when you noticed this? I ask because your cover was OFF the rear throttle bodies , meaning your engine was ingesting unfiltered air thru that small gap. Probably not a huge deal since the gap is small, but you have to be an idiot not to see it didn't seat properly. Did you get your idle valve replaced? It'd be hard to believe the factory screwed up, but it's always possible. By the way, I removed mine, so I know what I'm talking about (pic below). And no, no need to remove the sway bar for that job.

Finally, I could bet cash money the rubber gaskets were permanently damaged when tech just pushed down on the cover when it obviously 'bit' the gaskets inwards, preventing the cover to sit properly. If I were you, I'd remove the cover and inspect them. Fit is super tight, and you have to be patient AND CAREFUL until all 8 'trumpets' are seated properly. And use a socket, not a screwdriver for the clamps. Take care.

this is a great pic!