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Originally Posted by KJM3 View Post
That goes for most dealers these days unfortunately, most of the older good techs have moved on or retired and you have younger guys with zero experience except what they learned in a trade school or watered down factory training. Last generation just havent produced a lot of skilled/experienced auto techs, finding one these days is a challenge.

But anyway, why would they remove the airbox over the throttle bodies for a normal service? Just curious, seems like a lot of work if nothing is wrong under there.
they took mine off to replace the a/c evaporator, which had developed a leak. being that this was a big job because there was major disassembly involved, i was concerned that they wouldn't put it all back together properly. i was right.

the engine cover was so high off of the throttle bodies, it was touching the sway bar, and causing this awful vibrating noise inside the cabin. it took me a while to figure out what the problem was (fluttering upon acceleration and buzzing from the dash). i'm grateful that i'm somewhat mechanical, was able to figure it out, and put everything back together the way it was supposed to be.
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