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Originally Posted by Javi335 View Post

So the jews fault theory is the easy way to blame someone when things go wrong, isnt that what you say?

Have you ever read something about France and England war during the Napoleon era? is that a antijew tale? what about Henry Ford? he wake up one morning and say "im bored, im gonna writte a book"?

Concrete questions, concrete answers, sir.

And, im not rude sir, im direct. But of course, nobody is obliged to answer as nobody is forbid to ask.

So Henry Ford is now an expert on all things Jewish and is an authority to write books about them? He is a well known anti-semite. You know, there was also this guy who led a country. He was an extremely popular leader among his people. His name? Hitler. Guess what, this Hitler guy also wrote a book. He said that Jews were the reason Germany lost WW1. Not to mention that Jews were the cause of many other problems with Germany. Shit, since he wrote it in a book it must all be true right? That is what you are trying to say isn't it? Just because something is written in a book doesn't mean it is true you insolent. It just means it is the opinion of the writer. If I write a book about the sky being magenta, or that all Spaniards are jackasses, does that mean that it is true? Is someone going to quote me 2000 years from now and say, "Hey! Have you read the book from 2010 where they say the sky is magenta? Doesn't that mean it's true!?"

And yes, I am saying that the reason the people who wrote these books have these beliefs is because that is what they were taught by Church leaders who preached for 1,000's of years that Jews were a cancer to society because they blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. If you blame a group for the death of the most important figure in your religion, you'll probably not write nice things about them huh? Also, up until the last century or so there was no such thing as separation of Church and State. The leaders of the Church were instrumental advisers to the leaders of countries. Also, there was no public education system and very little of the population was educated. Those that did get education received it from the Church. As I've mentioned, the Church blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus and blamed preached hatred towards the Jews. This is very similar to the religious indoctrination that is happening in the Middle East. There is a large uneducated population, and what little education is received comes from extremist religious clerics who preach hate. The people don't know any better and believe what is told to them. Also, like I said earlier, these same leaders who wrote these supposed books of truth you continue to talk about blamed Jews for the black plague. Jews were murdered and burned alive all over Europe as a result. It was written that Jews were poisoning wells. Do you believe this? After all it was written? If you have any ounce of intelligence you know that it was actually caused by rats carrying diseases.

And your questions are not concrete questions. They are retarded. You are asking people to explain why somebody would write something thousands of years ago. How are we to know why someone was compelled to write something? Not only that, but many things written during that period of time was incorrect. Writings in the past claimed the earth was flat, the solar system revolved around the earth, that x-ray exposure was good for you, that leaches were a proper form of medical treatment, that lightning was caused by angry gods.... I can go on and on. All of this has been proven false. Just because someone wrote something it not true, I can't repeat that enough. And you also pick out specific works from history that talk bad about the Jews, but ignore other texts where prominent leaders have said good things about Jews. How about Pope Clement who issued a bull in 1348 urging people to stop the persecution of the Jews saying that they were not the cause of the black plague. Unfortunately this didn't stop any of it. Many of our civilizations most important achievements come from the work of Jews along with non-Jews. One of the greatest scientist in history, Albert Einstein was a Jew.

You've never even met a Jew you say. Until you do, I suggest you stop reading out of date books and shut up. You need to not make assumptions about a group of people you've never met.