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Originally Posted by spyderco10 View Post
i had a flutter too. it happened after i took my car in for service at bmw. turns out they removed the intake manifold, and when they put it back on, they didn't seat it properly on top of the throttle bodies. there were at least 2 throttle bodies completely exposed to unfiltered air! this and several other incidents at bmw is the reason i have no confidence in their techs. it's not that they're not able to do good work. oh yes they can. but it's all about money. the more cars they work on per day, the more money they make. so they don't give a rip about the quality of work they do. sad but true.
That goes for most dealers these days unfortunately, most of the older good techs have moved on or retired and you have younger guys with zero experience except what they learned in a trade school or watered down factory training. Last generation just havent produced a lot of skilled/experienced auto techs, finding one these days is a challenge.

But anyway, why would they remove the airbox over the throttle bodies for a normal service? Just curious, seems like a lot of work if nothing is wrong under there.