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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
hey sparky, did you not install the fanatec shifter?

what other things besides the playseats did you need to make the fanatec pedals and steering wheel to bolt up as i thought it was only compatable for g27.

how are the playseats, everything is rock solid and secure?
the gt3 rs wheel doesnt come with the manual shifter, i use the pedal shifters instead, however fanatec will be releasing a upgraded shifter soon so i might get the playseat adapter if i get the shifter. the steering wheel mount is ok i had to drill 4 new holes and bolt on the wheel. the pedals were tricky, since they are so big, and the playseat has a small pad for the pedals, what i did is take off a metal plate that was bolted to the base off my old seat, and velcro it on top of the playseat pad. then i drilled a couple holes in my new pad and bolted down the pedals to it. now everything is very sturdy, and i have the pedals more to the right so i dont have issues with the wheel base being in the way off the brake pedal. what i recommend to anyone getting this seat and the fanatec pedals is to buy a medal pad, somewhat of a thicker pad like an 1/8 off an inch or so, to make it sturdy. that you can lay over the playseats base to make it wider so you wont have any issues with the pedal installation. overall i rode in it today for about 5 hours and i like everything about it. everything is rock solid and no wobbling at all. very happy with my decision on this setup.

note- look at my pic # 2 u will see the black plate how much further it sticks out compared to the silver pad. the black pad is the one i had to add to make this work .

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