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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
I think so too but Roy did survive against Dos Santos and his boxing is pretty good. Gonzaga was doing pretty good against Carwin till he made a mistake a tasted some of Carwins power. So he may have a small chance, just saying. I didnt think he would survive 1 round against Dos Santos and dont think many did people saw it going to a decision

He's recovering from knee surgery so we'll see if the fight even happens
I think Carwin has some deadly hands in HW. He is real badass. The fact that he could not KO Lesnar says to me that Lesnar is a freak of nature, he will probably go on to beat Cain and Do Santos and then who's next, probably Carwin again..? I believe Carwin can knock out pretty much everyone in the division and possibly even Lesnar in a rematch.

Roy v Carwin is a very bad matchup for Roy, he will get owned. I think Carwin and Lesnar are the 2 top guys in the HW and they are in their own league. Cain and Velasquez are great fighters but Lesnar and Carwin are just too big. My prediction for Roy is he will get KO in 1st round. He will want to send a clear message for a rematch.