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The reason nobody answers you is you come across as rude. You openly admit you are prejudiced against Jews then expect the Jewish members to give you the time of day and answer questions you have. Not only that, but you don't even ask the questions in a genuine manner, you ask them as if you are accusing the Jews of bringing it all on themselves. That would be like me saying, "Hey Spaniards, can you explain to me why terrorists bombed your trains? Look at all these things terrorists said about you! Just so you know, I'm obviously prejudiced against Spaniards and have no sympathy for the bombings. I've never met a Spaniard, but why would they get bombed unless they deserve it."

Do you see how that comes across? I've never met a Muslim (well, I've only met a handful and they were very Americanized) but I don't automatically assume they are all Jihad dirka dirka terrorists. That's just stupid to make assumptions on a whole group of people based off a few. Not only that, but you stupid ass obsession with Enrique and saying crap like, "Julio Iglesias mom is jew. Its gives me hope." is insensitive and plain out rude. Hope for what, that Jews are nice people? You're basing your opinions of an entire group of people based off shit that happened thousands of years ago?

Anyways, to your question regarding expulsions and persecutions through history. Jews have always been an easy scapegoat throughout history. They are an small part of the overall population, so when you need to blame something on someone you need to pick somebody. What was Hitler going to do, say Christians were the cause of all of Germany's problems? Was he going to kill most of his country for being Christian? No, it's easy to place blame on the Jews. I think you are intelligent enough (I hope) to be able to figure out all the stuff Hitler accused the Jews of was false, but people still bought into his rhetoric. As far as for time before Hitler, people had a tendency to blame the Jews for the death of Jesus. Up until the 1800's Europe was extremely religious and church officials blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus and preached such in their teachings. During the plague Jews were blamed for poisoning wells and causing the plague, which today we obviously know is completely false. Keep in mind, the same people who preached hatred and violence against the Jews are the same people who persecuted people who claimed the earth was round. People during those times were also very suspicious of Jews since they were "outsiders" and many aspects of their religion were unknown. It's easy to form opinions and prejudices about things you don't know. Also, Jewish people tend to hold positions in financial and other related industries. Therefore people are also suspicious of the supposed "power" Jewish people have. But in reality, there are many more non-Jews than Jews in the financial world. Jews are the same as you. They have the same blood, everything. I don't understand why are prejudiced against Jews when you've never even met one. Why don't you hold off forming any opinions about people, whether they are Jews or not, until you get to meet them. It makes you look like an ass.

And you don't need a Jew to explain why things in history happened. Go do some research and you'll find plenty of information on your own.