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makes me laugh when people say a certain style is done to death. Firstly it's a mass manufactured car, if you really want to be individual buy a kit. Secondly, unless all forum members suddenly move to the same town the only place where a particular style is "Done to death" is on this forum and frankly i didnt buy my car nor mod it to impress you lot as wonderful and pleasant as I am sure you all are.

I rarely see another E92 M3 let alone a white one never mind a white one with black wheels and carbon/black bits and bobs everywhere. In the real world (Yorkshire, wet, cloudy, bloody cold most of the year) my car is extremely individual. Wierdly its only when I go on an M3 forum that there are loads of white.....drum roll please...................M3s. What a surprise.

I mean, what's next - "I'm sick of owning an M3, everytime I come on this M3 forum there are loads of people who own M3s. They are common as muck on here."


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