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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Are the Mintex F3R race compound paint and rotor friendly? Friction co-efficient? I want to run these or Pagid RS29s all around.

My other thought is to run Ferodo DS2500 all around for street, and then just swap the fronts to DS3000s for the track.
F3R is generally known as reasonably friendly to both paint and rotors. Like a lot of other high-friction racing pads, rotor wear will be the worst when the rotors are cold (another reason we don't recommend running them on the street). Mintex does not release coefficients as they are dependent on a few different factors, including how they are tested. But we understand they are in the .46-.50 range and very linear across a wide temperature range. Initial bite is pretty high, so they might be a little too aggressive on the rear for some. Others might like that characteristic to help rotate the car around slower corners.

If it is too much, you might want to try F6R on the rear (or the reasonably similar Pagid RS29). If rotor temperatures stay below 1300F, which is very likely with race pads up front, you could also use the MXM pads that come with the kit probably without issue. The friction profile is similar to F3R, but at a lower level.

Once you get used to running F3R's on the front, you will kill a set of DS3000's in short order. Those don't have the upper temperature range anywhere near the F3R, which is used in NASCAR where rotors get up to 2000F or so (approaching white hot).