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Originally Posted by AP Racing - Chris_B View Post
Even track pads can be gone through in one day. Well, in professional racing anyway. NASCAR teams usually go almost completely through pads that are 1-1/4" thick in one 500 lap race at Martinsville. And that's with massive cooling ducts, carbon rotor gloves and cross-drilled titanium pistons! It's all about rotor temps and energy dissipation.

That said, different pads should be used in the OP's application -- which work for him, in that car, at that track, at his current skill level and preferred style of braking. Another driver might need a different selection.

These kits are shipped with a fairly high temp pad -- for street and sporting use. They cannot be supplied with full track pads as standard unless specified that way by the customer. Most track pads have very low cold friction, so coming up to the first stop sign in the morning becomes a very exciting, perhaps life-changing, experience.

HP Man: Since you seem to have liked the feel and linearity of the Mintex Xtreme Motorsport compound (as do I!), I would suggest trying Mintex F3R race compound on the front next time out. This is a very linear, high-temp (up to 2100F) full race pad that many professional drivers swear by. It also has outstanding release characteristics, which help it stand out among some others in that category.

That compound works very well in conjunction with Xtreme Motorsport on the rear as long as the rear rotors aren't getting above 1300F, which is not likely. You can get F3R from whoever supplied your brake system. NOTE: These are not for street use!

Are the Mintex F3R race compound paint and rotor friendly? Friction co-efficient? I want to run these or Pagid RS29s all around.

My other thought is to run Ferodo DS2500 all around for street, and then just swap the fronts to DS3000s for the track.

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