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Originally Posted by BMWI6 View Post
So true. It's so funny how times change. I remember an era where BMW used to BASE IT'S SUPERIORITY in the fact that its cars were PERFECTLY BALANCED REAR-WHEEL DRIVE models. Jeremy Clarkson said it best "To BMW front-wheel drive is the work of satan." Well I guess when you play with fire you get burnt right, so BMW is gonna be burned in the long run. Excecutives will be thrilled though in the first couple of years with the extra sales of badge whores rushing the BMW dealerships to get their sub $30k BMWs. But when the brand image starts fading and the Audi and Mercedes keep improving their cars and sticking to their roots, the shift of loyal BMW customers to Audi and Mercedes is going to be unstoppable. Farewell BMW king of the market.

Has anyone seen the new Mercedes commericals?? They show you the Actual car and why it's "Nothing less than a TRUE Mercedes Benz", those are the type of commercials BMW used to make. The new marketing campaigns for BMW are bullsheeeatt.

What the fu$kkkk do BMW executives have to say about the BMW Rabbit ad. that said "that's why we don't have front wheel drives"

Yup, look at Apple for example. Back in the day this company was all about delivering the perfect computer for professionals (ie. Graphic Designers, Video Editors, etc..) Always ahead of the competition, beautifully designed and really fast machines with all the Ins and Outs the creative professional needed. Also the added factor of "exclusivity", a premium product that only a few had... only a few understood. That made them very special.

Now... After the iPod, iPhone, iPad etc.. they are more focused on making $, I'm not saying that is a bad thing. But one cannot forget its roots, look at their retail stores tables full of iProducts, cheap macbooks and macbook"pro"s... that pro doesn't stand for anything anymore. Glossy screens, lack of professional In/Outs like PCI slots or eSata that any PC now a days has. And in the corner just one MacPro...most of the time it doesn't even have its price or specs listed. They are too mainstream now, too focused on making more $, and what made them special is now gone. I'm not saying they make bad products now, they are great... but Apple doesn't stand for what it used to stand for.

This is what could happen with BMW, and it would be very sad. You can't one day decide to contradict what you have been saying for 50 years. BMW is suppose to be all bout the perfect balance, incredible handling of their beautifully tuned RWD chassis. A luxury saloon car, a sports car, reliable and comfortable transportation all in one. Look at what happened to the M division, they bragged so much about their N/A High Revving engine.. in about 5 years all new M cars will have at least one Turbo.

I understand that times change and companies need to change and adapt to different factors, like economy, trends and market. But don't change what makes you special... one can only be so loyal. I never thought that BMW would try to get into a market below the 1-Series... they already have revenue coming from MINI. I hope it doesn't go downhill from that point on.

Sorry for the long post... had to vent.