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Originally Posted by TsunamiFury View Post
I know all you frothing-at-the mouth fanatics are worried about he brand but you have to realize, part of he reason BMW is doing this is to SAVE their high end sport models. By law in the US and eurozone BMW will have to comply with strict regulations that are averaged throughout their fleet.

You know how you average out all those m3s we love here: build a freakin fwd electric mini car.

JeeZe this is so obvious, you'd think all the 'fanatics' here could put 2 and 2 together.

No, no and no. BMW could easily utilize the small displacement gas and diesel engines they already have available to them and continue to work towards more fuel-efficient engines so they can better meet CAFE standards.
BMW is not working to "save" their high end models- they're working for higher margins and more profits. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I'm just depressed (And honestly if you love cars you should be too) that after so many years, BMW has lost one of the unique qualities that make it so great- an entire line up of RWD only cars.
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