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So true. It's so funny how times change. I remember an era where BMW used to BASE IT'S SUPERIORITY in the fact that its cars were PERFECTLY BALANCED REAR-WHEEL DRIVE models. Jeremy Clarkson said it best "To BMW front-wheel drive is the work of satan." Well I guess when you play with fire you get burnt right, so BMW is gonna be burned in the long run. Excecutives will be thrilled though in the first couple of years with the extra sales of badge whores rushing the BMW dealerships to get their sub $30k BMWs. But when the brand image starts fading and the Audi and Mercedes keep improving their cars and sticking to their roots, the shift of loyal BMW customers to Audi and Mercedes is going to be unstoppable. Farewell BMW king of the market.

Has anyone seen the new Mercedes commericals?? They show you the Actual car and why it's "Nothing less than a TRUE Mercedes Benz", those are the type of commercials BMW used to make. The new marketing campaigns for BMW are bullsheeeatt.

What the fu$kkkk do BMW executives have to say about the BMW Rabbit ad. that said "that's why we don't have front wheel drives"
Think of it as more funding towards the development of RWD performance cars.

Clarkson is NEVER over dramatic

They will be solid... well round cars.. No doubt.