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Originally Posted by Blubaron79 View Post
Every one needs to get over it. They are newer, smaller models. Your typical 3, and 5 series is unchanged. I'm sick of every one bitching.
While I respect your right to feel this way I think that the sharing and voicing of opinions on the subject is what forums are all ablout. It is here that we can share our thoughts about the introduction of FWD to the BMW lineup.

I will mention to most that there was similar vocal attitudes that still exists today about BMW building V8 engines. I dont think that the "worth" of the badge was erroded by the introduction of a V-style motor anymore than there will be for the introduction of a FWD car.

In the end it will be a BMW FWD car, I have faith that it will not be a throw away ilttle tin can like a base line civic or focus. No disrespect to these cars (I own one of them) but there is no way BMW will churn out carbon copy, tin cans with FWD.

It will be interesting to see how they turn the I6 sideways and not make the car 15 feet wide..