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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
i spy a day when its just as hard to find a RWD 3-series sedan as it is to find a MT 3-series sedan on a dealer lot today (USA)
^ that might be a little much, no one said anything about a FWD 3er...


Why is this such a BFD (big ******* deal)? I've owned and driven plenty of well built FWD cars with modest horsepower, mostly with Honda or Acura badges, they were great cars...


Perhaps with upcoming fuel economy "group" requirements, maybe BMW had no choice but to launch such a car in the US. Maybe it was launch this FWD car or quit shipping M3's to the US. So, enthusiasts, which would be worse? A FWD BMW on the lot, or no more M3's in the US?

Extreme, but something to think about and/or consider...

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