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Originally Posted by chonko View Post
The M3 will cost less than the RS4.
BMW 335i vs Audi S4 = $38,900 vs $48,700
BMW 330i vs Audi A4 = $36,800 vs $37,640

BMW E46 M3 vs Audi RS4 = $48,900 vs $66,000
BMW E90 M3 vs Audi B7 RS4= $55,900 vs $66,000
An approximate 15% increase in pricing.
Even a 20% increase in price will put the M3 below the RS4 in terms of pricing.
Don't be surprised to see Audi lowering prices on the RS4- even the CEO of Audi suggested this last year.
I think you are making the wrong comparisons.

The E46 M3 and the S4 are natural competitors which are similar in pricing whereas the RS4 is a whole higher level. If the the new E9X V8 M3 is to re-take the everyday performance car crown (and by the way match the considerable escalation the RS4 now requires for that mantle) it will be a lot more expensive than the E46 M3.

But hey, nobody knows yet, we'll find out in time. And if I'm wrong it is all good. But why would BMW want to leave too much money on the table. It is a chance to move the M brand up.