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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
Depending on what brand tire you use, it may and it may not. If you use something like a Toyo T1R or Falken 452, it won't rub at all.

If you use the PS2's or RE050A PP's or something that usually runs wider than stated, then yes it will rub. For the PS2's in 285 out back, i reccommend a 10 or 12mm spacer.
Malek, thank you for the pics and the pm. Now THAT is what I call flush, exactly what I am going for. It didn't work out with the ps2 replacement I ordered (it was a good deal at 40% off retail, slightly used), so I am literally going back and forth between just buying another ps2 replacement, getting all four hankooks in the same size I have right now, or going with the 255/275 vred setup. It is kind of sad that the one ps2 is like more than 50% of the cost for all four of the other two options.

If the vreds came in 285/30/19, I wouldn't even think twice. Do you think if I went with the taller 275/35 vred that I would rub out back with a 10mm spacer?

Dave- I currently have the same setup as you -255 front and 285 rear. I am running a 12/5 spacer setup, and there is definitely more room in the front and rear. How much room, I don't know (but it seems like Malek answered that question). I am going to try the 10mm spacer in the back as soon as I get some free time (unless I replace the tires before then). But from what I can tell, 10mm should be no problem.
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