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Originally Posted by JAdamz View Post
Dave are you running any spacers? I'm planning on 265/35 and 295/30 PS2's with a 10mm spacer in the front. I think I can get away with that setup without issue...even the 285's in the rear looks pretty flush on you car if you aren't using spacers.
The 265/35's will be too tall for the front, you will rub on full lock. With the 255/35/19s I am just a hair away from rubbing. I am not running spacers on my car at all. The rears are pretty flush as you see, the front can definitely go with a 12mm spacer. That is why really with the 9" wide front rim a 255 is as wide as you should go anyway on the front. Yes a 265/30 or 275/30 will fit on a 9" wide rim but you will lose crispness due to the sidewall not being supported properly.
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