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Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
There's quite a bit of information about the TWS oil in this thread on M3forum
It was a great read indeed ; thanks man. The most interesting part was this:

'When asked, what if you don't track your M3 and never exceed 150 kmh? He honestly found the question puzzling and answered "why would you buy an M3 if you didn't plan on driving it fast; there are other less powerful but more suitable 3 series choices available"? I told him my dentist who had an M3 was typical of most M3 owners in N/A. He likes the performance looks of the car, the status of it but he's never driven it faster than 140 kmh and typically cruises in the 120 kmh range. He found this 'poser mentality' very strange but agreed an M3 driven in such a manner would never see higher oil temps than a regular 3 series BMW and consiquently the regular BMW spec' oil would be more appropriate.'

Guess the guy doesn't know the speed limits here in the states . And he also doesn't know to some of us it's an equal pleasure to drive the M3 fast and slow . Seems to me that 5/40 oil should be perfectly fine for owners who don't track their cars, and rarely exceed 6,500 rpm or so. But manual doesn't say anything about that . Since my car is rarely used in freezing temperatures (and now even less), will continue to use TWS.