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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
New bearings were introduced in 10/08, meaning some early '09s have the old bearings. But forget about that man; learned one '10 and another '11 M3s have the typical bad bearing engine noise on a recent thread. That's freaking unbelievable.

I also question the use of 10/60 oil for all climates. Both Ferrari and Lamborghini, with even higher strung engines, with higher specific outputs and higher redlines, spec 5/40 oil, just like all Porsches (and most sportbikes). TWS is like molasses, especially in cold climates. My only explanation is crappy tolerances. But why BMW didn't make it 5/60 is even more puzzling. Lamborghini recommends 20/50 (most owners use M1 15/50) for track use, and up to 0/30 (most owners use 5/40) for cold climates. Would love to hear BMW's technical explanation for that oil, rather than their marketing crap. I'm going to keep using it because with crappy tolerances you need it, or risk bearing damage, like it happened to S54s, but there's no need for such an extreme grade, proven by all other exotic engine manufacturers using 5/40. Take care.
There's quite a bit of information about the TWS oil in this thread on M3forum: I don't know how accurate what's there is, but it's a good read